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The Birth of aquamqi™

“aqua” means water in Latin which is the fundamental sustaining source in life, constituting 70% of human body weight.

“m” is the acronym of “Meridian”, it is the conduit for the flow of life-energy (or called “qi”). The flow of life-energy connects throughout the body, communicates with all organs, transmits and circulates the “qi” and blood flow, externally and internally throughout the whole body.

According to the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, “qi” can be translated as the most fundamental element of life. It constitutes the first shield of defence system for the human body, protecting its internal organs and to maintain healthy activities in life. The lack of “qi” might affect the ability to stay healthy, might cause organs’ nutritional deficiency and as such, the body will become weak, low immunity and suffering from the inability to drain out toxin that causes numerous health problems.

“aqua”“m” and “qi” are the 3 core components to maintaining optimal health, and together is called “aquamqi™”.