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    Eat Right for your Blood Type

    100% natural eel oil

    • Unique Product
      Generally the deep-sea fish oil products that are available now in market only contains DHA and EPA; shark-liver oil only contains AKGs (30-40%). Only eel oil can contain not only DHA and EPA, but also considerable AKGs (20-80%).

      One more unique property is that the AKGs in eel oil is extracted from the marrow and it is more revitalising for health care than ordinary fish oil products.

    • Alkoxy glycerine (AKGs) is the main element for human leukocyte with the content as high as 20-80%, and is called by the international medical world as the source of immunity. It is a substance that is naturally generated in human bodies and is concentrated in the main immune organs such as marrow, thymus, lymph node, liver, spleen, etc. Its main function is to stimulate the creation of immunocytes, increase the quantity of leucocytes and lymphocytes and haematoblasts, facilitate activation of immunocytes, and strengthen human body’s immunocompetence.

    Why is it important to take D’TOX?

    What can D’TOX do for my health?

    1.         Cleanse the colon, avoiding toxication.

    2.         Promote gastro intestinal health to improve absorption of vital nutrients

    3.         Maintain proper PH balance in the colon.

    4.         Effectively breakdown fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

    5.         Strengthen immune system to prevent diseases.

    6.         Relieve constipation or diarrhea which are caused by poor lifestyle.

    7.         Lowering cholesterol.

    8.         Relieve sensitive (irritable) bowel syndrome.

    9.         Relieve chronic fatigue, skin irritation aches and pains.

    10.       Promotes weight loss and controls body weight .

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    • Allium Macrostemon
      It is a great ingredient for prevention of skin diseases without any side effect.
    • Liquorice Extract
      It is able to inhibit the action of the tyrosine, reduce dark patches of skin and pigmentation.
    • Lemon Extract
      The body matrix, bonding and collagen etc rely heavily on Vitamin C.
    • Ginger Extract
      Essential element in many slimming programmes.

    Function of aqua é

    • 100%
      Improves vision and prevent eye diseases
    • 88%
      Strengthens detoxification
    • 98%
    • 79%
      Boosts metabolism
    • 99%
      Improves skin condition and elasticity
    • 80%
      Regaining skin radiance
    • 85%
      Skin cells regeneration
    • 65%
      Improves the elasticity of the blood vessels
    • 95%
      Enhance the meridian flow
    • 99%
      Protect the liver
    • 95%
    • 70%
      Improves the symptoms of sub-health

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